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Group Bonding

About Our Mission:

Blooming is a non-profit organization dedicated to lower the suicide rate among youth. The company in Montrose, PA was founded by Amanda Kemp in 2019 when she recognized the need for a safe space for teens and adults to talk, heal, cope, and learn techniques to improve overall wellness.


Blooming Moon Inc. is a non-profit organization located in Montrose, PA dedicating to lower the sucide rate among teens. We recognize the need for a safe space where young people can express themselves and live happier. We provide a place where everyone is welcome and we host events to raise awareness for our mission.

Release Your Mind

Amanda Kemp Blooming Moon Founder.jpg

Listen to Your Soul

Blooming Founder
Amanda Kemp

Our Location



249 Church St

Montrose, PA 18801


Tel: 570-396-5499

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